Weldon Wulstein

June 25, 2018

Tax Saving Techniques

Following are some generally recognized financial planning tools that may help you reduce your tax bill. Charitable Giving – Instead of selling your appreciated long-term securities, […]
June 25, 2018

Your Right to an IRS Appeal

Are you in the middle of a disagreement with the IRS? One of the guaranteed rights for all taxpayers is the right to appeal. If you […]
June 25, 2018

Filing Amended Returns

Oops! You’ve discovered an error after your tax return has been filed. What should you do? You may need to amend your return. The IRS usually […]
December 1, 2017

5 Common Mistakes When Applying For Financial Aid & Ensuring Your Year-End Donations Are Tax-Deductible

5 Common Mistakes When Applying For Financial Aid Given the astronomical cost of college, even well-off parents should consider applying for financial aid. A single misstep, […]