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Whether your business is in start-up mode or you’ve been operating for years, you want an accounting firm with extensive experience in tax planning and reduction strategies, financial planning, and CPA accounting services. We guide our clients through everything from initial entity structuring to tax planning and preparation to reliable financial projections. Maximize your cash flow and keep your business on track to meet your financial goals. Our expertise, experience, analysis and thorough research allow us to optimize your financial investments and tax-saving opportunities.

We advise start-up companies on entity structuring based on your intentions and goals. Whether S-Corp, C-Corp, or LLC, we can guide you through reporting requirements and tax planning. Forecasting, budgeting, and balance sheet management give you the information you need to establish and grow your business. Thoughtful succession planning lays out a clear pathway for smooth ownership transition. Every stage of your business’s financial life benefits from the strategic guidance of Wulstein Financial Services.

Have you just started a new business? Did you know expenses incurred before a business begins operations are not allowed as current deductions? If you want to lower taxes and deduct a larger portion of your start-up cost in the first year, a new business will want to begin operations as early as possible and hold off incurring some of those expenses until after business begins.

On-going businesses will have operational and capital expenditures, and the timing of these costs can be a driving force for your business’s tax strategies. We can advise you on expense planning that is most advantageous for tax savings. And, with our expert forecasting, you’ll have the financial advice and facts necessary to confidently make decisions for your business.

In some situations, we also discover that entity restructuring can give a company significant tax savings. As your business circumstances change, we’ll make sure all aspects of your business are coordinated to maximize your profit and lower your taxes, legally.