How much do you want to save?

We have literally saved individual clients tens of thousands of dollars in taxes.

What do we do that others don’t? We utilize the whole tax code, understand the latest tax law, and find legal ways to lower your taxes. Here are some opportunities you may be missing:

  • Entity restructuring for businesses, property, investments
  • Change in your financial life can offer unexpected tax savings
  • Maximize current operating expense deductions
  • Most effective amortization of capital expense write-offs
  • Organize business travel expenses to best advantage
  • Tax benefits from charitable donations and retirement investments
  • Deductions for education expenses or caring for aging parents

When you have a strategic financial partner, you can rest assured that your accounting needs are expertly managed with maximum tax savings – freeing you to live your life and grow your business.
We can't recommend Wulstein Financial Services highly enough. The team lead by Weldon Wulstein is by far the best CPA service we have used. Their knowledge of tax code and how to best apply it to your businesses and personal returns is second to none. It is the first CPA firm we've found that reviews every business, maximizes your returns and takes full advantage of all the tax laws. If you are serious about taking full advantage of the tax code to help build your wealth, look no further than Wulstein Financial Services. Putting them to work for us was the best decision we ever made!

Alex & Jen Trier | Trier Management, Inc.
Weldon Wulstein has been a wizard with his knowledge of the tax system, guiding me through the best tax strategies when purchasing a new home and car. He also amended a 2015 tax return where I received almost 100% of what I paid and the IRS paid me back with interest.

Jennie Rozas
We want to thank you for your creative, resourceful, helpful, tireless, and industrious efforts which have saved us many thousands of tax dollars in the past year. Your staff has been incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, which always results in positive and productive phone support. Thank you also for being there during our new investment sessions. With your advice, we know that we are making the right decisions.

Joe & Lisa Lin | Lin Management
Wulstein Financial Services has been our CPA firm for more than 20 years. We have depended on them for a wide range of family and business financial services. Not only is Wulstein extremely knowledgeable and capable, all our needs are handled with a professional and positive attitude. We hold them in the very highest regard.

Chris & Mary Strohm

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